Service Update History

2021 Service Enhancements

Revised Premium Installment Plan July 2021

2020 Service Enhancements

Homeowners and Dwelling Policy Programs – Ability to print declaration pages, including renewals – Effective 1/21/2020

2018- Service Enhancements

Update to Named Storm Deductible for Producers and Insureds
Homeowners Policy Program – Named Storm Deductible Rule, Factors & Forms
Dwelling Policy Program – Named Storm Deductible Rule, Factors & Forms

2017- Service Enhancements

MPIUA Automatic Renewal Notice
MPIUA Inspection Enhancements

2016- Service Enhancements

MPIUA Web Endorsement

2015- Service Enhancements

Introduction of Personal Liability Supplement to the Dwelling Policy Program

2013- Service Enhancements

MPIUA Web Application
IVANS Download

2011- Service Enhancements

Acceptance of Electronic Signatures

2010- Service Enhancements

Homeowners Program – Optional Escaped Liquid Fuel Coverages Effective 7/1/2010
Dwelling Program – Optional Escaped Liquid Fuel Coverage Effective 7/1/2010
Homeowners Policy Program Rates and Rules Revision Effective 3/31/10
Dwelling Policy Program Rates & Rules Revision Effective 3/31/2010
Commercial Property Rates and Rule Revision Effective 3/31/2010

2009 – Service Enhancements

Electronic Commission Statement

2008 – Service Enhancements

Premium Installment Program Revision

2007 – Service Enhancements

Dwelling Policy Program – Minimum Windstorm or Hail Deductible Requirement Rule
Homeowners Program – Revision to the Minimum Windstorm or Hail Deductible Requirement Rule

2005 – Service Enhancements

Marshall Swift & Boeckh Residential Replacement Cost Estimator
Endorsement and Cancellation Submission-Type Faced Applications
Online Payments
Introducing DP 00 02 and DP 00 03 Dwelling Policies

2004 – Service Enhancements

Immediate Coverage – Fax IC Invoice
Premium Installment Program Service Fees Increase
New Purchase Immediate Coverage Procedure
Change Mortgagee Online
Coastal Proximity Inquiry
Mandatory Percentage Windstorm or Hail Deductible
Revised Premium Installment Program

2003 – Service Enhancements

ACH Electronic Funds Transfer Payment
Policy Listing Report
Renewal Policy Declarations Certificate
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02-24-2003 Terrorism Risk Insurance Procedure

2002 – Service Enhancements

09-13-2002 Fax Procedure
05-28-2002 Escaped Liquid Fuel Notice

2001 – Service Enhancements

06-20-2001 New Home Cost Estimator
06-20-2001 New Homeowners Application
05-01-2001 Web Interface Letter

2000 – Service Enhancements

12-31-2000 Homeowners Rates
12-31-2000 Dwelling Fire Rates
12-31-2000 Commercial Rates
04-17-2000 Fax Proof of Insurance
04-24-2000 Revised Renewal Procedure
05-01-2000 Premium Installment Payment Program
05-17-2000 Revised Requirements for Home Owners

1999 – Service Enhancements

08-31-1999 Mortgage Release Requirement