Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association (MPIUA) is committed to providing the highest standard of customer service to its policyholders. This page is designed to provide insured’s with access to loss prevention information to help protect their assets as well as to provide links to information, such as, MPIUA’s inspection process and self-service options. MPIUA has provided an online payment option, which allows policyholders to avoid service fees if used. Claims can also be submitted via a web portal available from this page.

Prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Ready Guide
3 Tips to Prepare for Hurricane Season
Create Home Inventory & Review Insurance
Seal Gaps and Cracks
Review Roof

Fire Prevention Measures

Candle Safety
Carbon Monoxide Safety
Electrical Safety
Evacuation Plan
Kitchen Safety
Smoking Safety

Animal Safety

Dog Bites

General Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention
Prevencion De Perdidas

Theft Loss

Theft Loss Prevention Measures

Prevent Water Damage

Water Heater Maintenance

Seasonal Loss Prevention Measures

Fall Loss Prevention
Spring Loss Prevention
Summer Loss Prevention
Winter Loss Prevention
Prevent Winter Freeze Ups

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness Reminder
Hurricane Preparedness Quick Checklist
After a Hurricane Safety Tips
Reducing Hurricane Risk
Shut the Doors on Wind

IBHS Winter Weather Resources

Freezing Weather Maintenance Checklist
Prevent Roof Damage from Heavy Ice and Snow
Freezing and Bursting Pipes Guide
Preventing Ice Dams

Keep Warm Keep Safe

Keep Warm Keep Safe
Home Heating Safety
Seguridad En La Calefacción Del Hogar